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Pygpen Knoll Farm

Owensville, Ohio

Peg and Bill Galvin

NPGA Registered Pygmy Goats

We are a start-up farm in Owensville, Ohio. Our goal is to

raise healthy and happy pygmy goats for pleasure and show.

Origin of the "Pygpen Knoll Farms" name

The origin of the name Pygpen Knoll Farms is a wonderful story. My mother and father were gracious enough to give us some acreage in the woods behind their house to build our beautiful log home.

The house sits upon a knoll and is where I raised pigs when in high school. Peg and I cleared the wooded land ourselves, (it had grown to be heavily wooded.) Peg always referred to the land as Pigpen Knoll. She would ask me if I was going to Pigpen Knoll when I got off work, or say I’m headed to the knoll….

When we purchased our first pygmy goats from Nancy Powell of Dry Run Acres, Nancy asked for our farm name. We really had not thought much about that, so I naturally said Pigpen Knoll Farms. My daughter was with us and protested “You can’t name it after a pig, they’re goats!”

Nancy was quick to reply- “You just spell it P-Y-G-P-E-N and it is perfect.”

Well, whether destiny or mere coincidence, it seems to fit us perfectly…..