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Pygpen Knoll Farm

Owensville, Ohio

Peg and Bill Galvin

The Lodge at Pygpen Knoll

This is our wonderful log home. Nestled in the woods, it is a warm and comfortable atmosphere year round. Whether decorated with hanging baskets, or acting as a “Snow Globe” in the winter, we are quite content.

The log home package was purchased from Heritage Log Homes. Donna and John Goldsberry were our representatives and were extremely helpful with coordination and ideas. When researching log home design we waded through the vast array of log home companies, log preparation, and settling designs... we were very frustrated. We were at a Log Home Show and each company would tell us why their product was far superior. We finally looked at each other in frustration and said: “We can’t sort all of this out. Let’s just go back to John and Donna. We trust them and know they will make it alright.” And they did just that. We felt like they were our partners both then and to this day. They remain good friends and we visit them often.

The home was built by Ernie Miller. Ernie is an Amish builder who’s carpentry and building skills are only surpassed by his honesty. There is no Web Link… he’s Amish… but Donna and John Goldsberry can put you in contact with him. His brother-in-law Alan of Hilltop Cabinets built the custom hickory cabinets, and Murphin Ridge Woodworking provided all of the oak doors and trim.

An interesting side note, when we were working out the details with Ernie, he said, “A lot of people who have log homes built like to be involved. They want to do the finishing, or the trim, or floors or something. How involved do you want to be?” My reply, “Ernie… I might watch.”

I didn’t totally escape the work. Peg and I cleared the land ourselves. It was pretty heavily wooded as you can see in the pictures, so we worked all summer clearing trees. Was a lot of work but I am much better destroying wood than trying to make something out of it! Louis Shinkle finished off the land with his bulldozer. Lou was every bit of 85 years old, couldn’t hardly drive his dump truck, but he could run a bulldozer. Peg would get on him about taking out too many trees. He would say to me “That Girl isn’t happy again… she didn’t like what I did today.” He was smiling when he said it.

The entire experience of having our house built was truly a joy. No hassles with charging an unreasonably large fee just to add an outlet, the wonderful smell of wood, John and Donna there to support us, Ernie and the boys entertaining us as much as we entertained them, my uncles providing advice on what everyone was doing wrong… we remember it with delight.

See the “Photo’s” page Our Home for a photo journey through the building of our home.